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Architect / Firm Partner

Gillian Stechschulte

Project Manager / Firm Partner

Tony Hovest

Project Manger / Firm Partner

Kevin Niese

Mechanical Engineer / Firm Partner

Scott Birkemeier, P.E.


Jenna Verhoff


David Burgei

Electrical Engineer

Joe Ellerbrock, P.E.

Structural Engineer

Betty Corkwell, P.E.

Senior Designer

Kevin Wischmeyer

Senior Designer

Todd Gerdeman

Senior Designer

Jeff Mangas

Senior Designer

Amber Palte

Senior Designer

Ashley Reivydas

Mechanical Engineer Intern

Ryan Ashley

Contract Administrator

Sandy Knueven

Office Administrator

Michelle Johns

Senior Advisor

Gary Ungerer

Meet Our Team

Multiple design disciplines working together streamlines the design process. 

O U R 

T E A M 

Technicon Design Group was founded in 1995 by Tony Hovest and Gary Ungerer. From its conception, TDG has sought to collaborate with both Project Owners and Contractors. Through the production of construction documents of the highest level of quality, the team has experienced continued success. Over the past two and half decades, TDG has responded quickly to market needs and have gained experience in a wide variety of project types. 

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